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Dress Code Policy

The ADC has a dress code for a variety of reasons. A dress code ensures teachers can see the dancer’s alignment and teach discipline, helping with overall focus and energy, and wearing a uniform gives the students a sense of belonging and equality. It will help to minimise distractions and gives the class a unified look, as well containing rules to keep us safe in the studio!


Hair should be neat and pulled back away from the face. It should be put into a slick bun for ballet and jazz, and a ponytail is acceptable for other dance styles. Accessories such as bows and headbands are prohibited, unless part of a costume.


Jewellery is prohibited in the studio, unless part of a costume - however small simple stud earrings are acceptable.


Please see our uniform page on our website for images and a full list of suggested brands to source your ADC uniform.

For Little Apples and Busy Bees:

 The female uniform is a simple strap pink leotard and pink ballet skirt, and pink cardigan is optional. Tiny Tots and Busy Bees must wear pink ballet socks for ballet, and pink canvas ballet shoes.

For boys, a white short sleeve leotard/T-shirt and black shorts, with white ballet socks and white canvas ballet shoes.

For Minis, Juniors, Teens and Seniors:

Both male and female must wear all black - preferably a simple strap black leotard and leggings/shorts for females, and Tan Jazz split sole shoes are required for Jazz, Pom, and Lyrical - however for Body Conditioning  when practising certain skills we may be barefoot.

Males may wear a black leotard/T-shirt and black leggings or shorts, with black jazz split sole shoes.

In due course, we will be offering branded ADC Apparel, such as jackets, T-Shirts, leggings and bags. Please check the ADC website and social media for updates on this as we design and develop our prototypes! 

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