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Here at ADC we have a strict uniform policy. It is important for the children to learn to be in clean, correct uniform and be well groomed at all times, wearing the appropriate attire for each class in order to achieve the highest results. 

From Minis up to Seniors, you are required to wear the regulation ADC uniform, which you can find at the link below. Busy Bees have their own uniform - please see preschool uniform page.

There a mix of ADC crops, shorts, leotards, and leggings, for both boys and girls. For most classes (see below for more guidance) and you are free to wear a combination of these as you wish depending on what your comfortable with. However, for exams, we will inform the dancers and parents of the required uniform. 

Our new branded uniform is available through the Dainty Dance website below. Follow the link, head to the 'Uniforms' page and scroll to Appleby Dance Company. Click on this, and you will be prompted to give your school password, which you can ask Miss Katie for if you can't find it in your emails or the parent group.

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 22.56.33.jpg
Primary and Grade 1 (with ballet socks) (Presentation (169)) (1920 × 1480px).png

Boys uniform - white sleeve leotard with black shorts, white ballet socks and ballet shoes.

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